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Reclaim Your Energy and Strength While Juggling Family and Work

September 27, 2023

Picture this: The kids are screaming, work emails are pinging, the dog needs walking, the toddler needs changing, and amidst all this, you’re feeling drained and wondering where you will carve out 30 minutes for yourself.

Sound familiar? 

Most health advice to mums revolves around losing weight, completely ignoring what truly matters to mums – more energy, strength, and an overall clearer mind.

You need this to keep up with your kids and for you to get more out of every day too. 

The 6-week StrongUp coaching program is for tired working mums who care more about their energy and strength than their six-pack.

I won’t promise you’ll reach all your health and fitness goals in 6 weeks because it’s unrealistic.

But I can guarantee that after completing the program, you will have a deeper understanding of where you are on your health journey. You will confidently set realistic, achievable goals and know how to reclaim that energetic, strong version of yourself.


The StrongUp coaching program is for women who:

🔥 Want to reclaim your energy and strength sustainably

🔥 Juggle work, parenthood and about a gazillion other roles and responsibilities

🔥 Give zero fucks about having abs and don’t want to focus on weight loss

🔥 Want to feel strong and full of energy in the outdoor activities you love doing, especially with kids (hello trampoline!)

🔥 Are willing to carve out 60-90 minutes a week to reach your goals

🔥 You don’t want weekly appointments or coaching calls that you need to cram into your already overwhelmed calendar

Unlike 99% of fitness coaching programs, StrongUp has zero emphasis on weight loss 

There are no quick fixes or “six-pack in six weeks” promises. 

We focus on what matters: reclaiming your energy and strength to get more out of your every day and the activities that matter to you.

What’s included:

✅ A complete 6-week strength training program (2-3 days/week) you can do at home with a medium weight kettlebell and a resistance band (Kmart has both), complete with videos for each exercise. Fully customised to your body and needs 

✅ Guidance on improving your cardio that’s focused on improving the parts that keep you alive (heart and lungs) instead of leaving you feeling overwhelmed & exhausted 

✅ 6 weeks of nutrition coaching. Focusing on sustainable, realistic habits to reduce cravings and make better eating decisions without restricting your eating to tasteless meals that leave you unsatisfied. 

✅ 6 weeks of mindset, rest, and stress management coaching. Because we all need more sleep, right?! 

✅ Guidance for making all these new habits work with your lifestyle 

✅ Accountability, support & direction from an educated coach with 12 years of experience helping women reclaim their energy and strength and 5 years of hardcore parenting experience

✅ Half-way checkpoint phone call

This 6-week online fitness, nutrition & mindset program is specifically designed for busy working mums.

Create new habits, get stronger, reclaim your energy, and create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle without feeling overwhelmed or putting up with the typical fitness gimmicks. 

This is the foundation that sets you up for future success. 

“I am back at skiing with confidence. Before coaching, I never prioritised my health and well-being more than fitting it in as an optional bonus. Joonas genuinely cares and works hard to ensure my program works for me and my goals. I also don’t need to be in a noisy gym or pounding the pavement, my program is at home and scheduled when it suits me around my busy schedule. Working with Joonas ensures I have been well supported and am accountable.”

~ Amy (after coaching with me for the past 2 years)

“Over the course of a few very challenging years, I went from being in the best shape of my life to realizing I had lost it all - physically and mentally. My time with Joonas has been exactly what I needed, and we’ve even made it work being on opposite sides of the planet. I’m no gym rat - I just love to move and I love living an active life in a body that feels healthy, strong and capable. Joonas understands that life is messy - and it’s rarely a straight line from where we are and where we want to be.”

~ Louise (after a year of coaching)

Ready to Sign Up?

Schedule a free 20-minute discovery call. There is no hard sell. If I think the program is not suitable for you, I’ll be honest and let you know.

Here’s the discovery call link again.

Looking forward to helping you reclaim your energy and strength 🙂


Joonas Health Coach

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